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Because why not go to bed with shredded cash on your face?

(Money Mask Featured in Boston Magazine :) )  

Boston Magazine

Money Mask got featured in The Washington Post and we could not be happier with the success we have seen from it!The Washington Post logo

Money Never Sleepz, LLC., is excited to announce the launch of our brand-new e-commerce site. Our mask can already be found in stores on the East Coast, and we’re looking forward to spreading the wealth across the nation and then the world. It’s a perfect gift for your boss, your best friend, really anyone who you want to make laugh!

You may be wondering what exactly a Money Mask™is - it’s a satin-lined sleeping mask, filled with shredded cash sent to us directly from the United States Federal Reserve Bank. So yes, it is REAL American money! And no, we don’t recommend that you try to take it out and glue it back together. This is a completely unique product with nothing else like it on the market. Money Never Sleepz has legal rights to work with money in this way and you can expect to see a lot more from us in the future. While expanding our sales, we’re continuing product development, and dreaming up all kinds of items to fill with shredded cash to bring laughs & smiles to the world.

To keep track of all the exciting places the Money Mask™ travels, follow our @TheMoneyMask Instagram campaign. It’s already made appearances in in Barcelona, Dubai and, of course, our headquarters in New York City. Come be part of the movement, all you have to do is buy a mask, snap a selfie and tag us at @themoneymask. We’ll be featuring the most creative submissions every week!

                                    "Dream about Money, Sleep with Money, Go and Get Money!"