Frequently Asked Questions - Money Never Sleepz


1.) Is that real money?

  • Yes, it really is real money. We have legal rights from the US Dept. of Treasury to get the shredded currency and then create our unique Money Products.

2.) Can I take out the shreds and glue it back together?

  • Sure, good luck!

3.)  What other Money Products do you sell?

  • Our main product is the Money Mask and soon we will be making our other Money Products available online. We also have some new prototypes we are working on so be on the lookout for those as well.
4.) When can I expect to receive my Money Mask?
  • We ship via USPS Priority so you can expect to be receiving your mask in 2-3 business days.
5.) What is the “Mask The World” campaign?
  • It is our way to spread the word about the Money Mask and what it stands for. Through this social media movement we encourage everyone to take the craziest photo they can create while wearing the mask and then post it on to our Instagram.  We give out prizes weekly to the best photos!
6.) I am a vendor and want to obtain more information.
  • Awesome! Please leave your information in the Contact section and a representative will be in touch.